What to Expect in Art for 2021

Over the last few months, the pandemic has impacted the global art sector unprecedentedly. Concerts were canceled, while museums were closed. Not only that, but a lot of artists performing in urban areas also have to stay at home and may just perform online.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a massive impact not only on the economy and health but also on the art sector. If you are into the arts, you may be wondering if the things you can expect in art for 2021.

Arts come in different forms, be it performing arts, musicians, or visual arts. However, no matter what art form it is, the pandemic the way people enjoy arts. It’s no surprise also that there will be several changes in this sector in 2021.

Arts for Therapy

Any form of arts that involves close contact such as choirs or theaters has been paused, while performance spaces and galleries have been closed. Physical events were also canceled to heed the precautionary measures.

The pandemic does not only affect the physical but also people’s mental and emotional condition. Some people experience anxiety while others suffer from depression. If you consider the positive effects of arts in fighting stress, anxiety, or depression, it is expected to help people convert their attention to different art activities, especially that there is no assurance when will the pandemic end.

People can use arts to forget boredom, stress, or anxiety, where they can paint, sketch, write songs, or dance. So, it is expected that the arts will be a big thing in 2021, and more people will appreciate it.

Arts in the Online World

Since people cannot attend live concerts, cannot enroll to arts classes in a physical classroom, or visit art galleries, the best thing to do is to enjoy arts with the power of the Internet. There are plenty of online art classes for kids and adults. It is expected that there will be more online classes in 2021, especially that people became more attentive to health precautions.

Some artists utilize the Internet to continue entertaining their fans. They organize online concerts and use different apps to offer their fans new content and stay updated with their activities.

Hobby or Business

Frank Romero’s mixed media work is photographed by Robert Chavez, Riverside Art Museum Public Outreach, as part of Cheech Marin’s private collection at the Riverside museum on Friday, Jan. 17, 2020. (Photo by Cindy Yamanaka, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

Due to the stay at home regulation, people tend to look for activities that can remove their boredom. Most of them tried different activities associated with the arts. The time they spend at home was used to discover new creative skills. Some of them also get enough time to pursue their artistic side.

Whether it is for plain hobby or starting a new business, people will see arts as an effective tool to be more productive. Other than being a good therapy, they might likely use the arts to make money.


The pandemic might stop the close contact in the arts sector, but it does not stop the people from loving the best things about it. People use the Internet to continue spreading the positive effects of arts. From new hobbies to online art classes, we can expect that arts will always be an integral part of everyone until 2021 and the years to come despite any health threats.