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The Bluetones, The Bonnitts, Bluesand at The Adelphi, Hull Thursday 17th June By Steve Rudd
Photograph Gallery   Bluesand Gallery   The Bonnitts Gallery   The Bluetones Gallery   People Gallery 1

This was surely one of the greatest nights in the history of the Adelphi.

Over the past 20 years, almost every band that has been worth its weight in talent has played here, and plenty have since gone on, in subsequent years, to become very successful and well known indeed.. bands such as, for example, Oasis, the Manic Street Preachers and the Levellers.
However, very few of those bands ever return to the Adelphi. The Bluetones are one such exception, and were supported brilliantly by two hot local bands from the Hull area.
First up, Withernsea's finest Bluesand vibrantly served up their exhilarating brand of superbly anthemic indie-rock.

A quartet who are popular amongst regular Adelphi-club gig-goers, Bluesand have recently released their debut EP Changed Names And Slaves, with Guy Richardson and Alan Ratcliffe sharing singing and electric guitar-playing duties.
On-stage, they are exceptionally confident and thankfully without ego, letting their extremely catchy music do the talking so the crowd doesn't have to. Guy's voice is passionately soul-fuelled and coolly rasps in the manner of the Stereophonics Kelly Jones, with the overall sound of Bluesand being a highly-charged one that will blow you away.
The Bonnitts are another quartet, and a little more experimental than Bluesand, opening with an instrumental tune, and proceeding to exude the frenetic energy of bands such as The Vines, Jet and even The Hives, courtesy of some loud and angular rock 'n' roll.

The Bluetones, meanwhile, are quite a mellow indie-rock band.
During the 90's, to a large extent, these guys got lumped with the Brit-pop crowd of the time.. and are one of only a handful of great bands to still be plying their trade. Opening this low-key and naturally sold-out gig with their Solomon tune, their 80-minute show played like a greatest hits set, with the catchy Liquid Lips being their second song of the night, and one of their most recent.
THE tune that was the sound-track to the 90's for many people is their irrepressible Slight Return anthem, and rather than waiting to play it as the last song, perpetually suave singer Mark Morriss and the boys inserted this timeless beauty mid-set, along with classics such as Fastboy, Are You Blue and Bluetonic.
Mmm, what with Bluesand having kicked off the evening's grand proceedings, you might think that so many blatant references to the word blue might have resulted in the crowd feeling blue, but nothing could be further from the truth: the sweaty, spectacularly writhing crowd were loving it just as much as the band looked to be back in Hull playing.
God knows they are no strangers to the city, having previously played much higher profile gigs at the University and The Welly Club too.

Freshly longhaired, lanky and ever-polite frontman Mark introduced Keep The Home Fires Burning by saying that the sentiment of this song always reminded him of the homely charms of Yorkshire (which was a touching touch).
Still, one of the hottest tunes of the night - Turn It Up - finished off their set, before the never-before-quite-so-demanded encore climaxed with the sheer exhilaration and euphoric good vibes of If, during which the tiny room seemed to sway as one: uniformly united and well aware of the fact that The Bluetones are indeed one of the nicest, and the greatest, UK bands that we have.

Yes sir, The Bluetones hit high notes that most other bands just cannot reach, however hard they try.


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Photograph Gallery   Bluesand Gallery   The Bonnitts Gallery   The Bluetones Gallery   People Gallery 1
Photographs courtsey and Copyright © Mo thisisull.com

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