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News, Arts - Hull City of Culture 2017
www.thisisUll.com, the alternative media website from Hull in England! This website is about people's lives and experiences - whoever they are - for us all to share. Every article, poem, story, review is contributed by you. Say what you feel, say it like it is. We do our best to publish everything you send to us. Please email your friends and send your stories to: contributions@thisisull.com.

Latest Comments
Poetry - Can’t Colour In By Mark Hillary
This is a confusing city
Low and dull and not very pretty
Hull F.C. is one of the rugby teams
And much more here is not as it seems.
Really Kingston-upon, which you could colour in
but beware here that would be considered a sin.

Music News - Foolish Atoms Sign To Adult Teeth and Launch New Album By Michelle Dee
A Crack In The Glass Eye by Foolish Atoms is the latest album from the DIY hub of musician/composer/writer Chris Norrison. Released on an unsuspecting world, the second Foolish Atoms disc has been garnering the odd review in the past month, some more strange than others. Setting himself a challenge during Summer 2013 - giving himself a week - Chris decided he wanted to have something Read more...

Music Reviews - Wonderland in HU5 at Union Mash Up - Saturday 23rd November 2013 By Michelle Dee .
Thank you for the invite to Wonderland in HU5 at Union Mash Up, and I'm sorry if I didn't appear to be on best form. I know now that I was coming down with something - today I feel woozy and have a sore throat. I was also sorry to miss Marie Rickard's vocal performance - I was told repeatedly how good she was. Alas, I will have to wait a little longer for that pleasure. Read more...

Poetry - Try Reading Poetry - Featuring Video
To coincide with the 2013 Rugby League World Cup matches hosted in Hull in October and November, Hull Central Library and Write to Speak recently ran a series of free workshops under the banner of Try Reading Poetry, culminating in a special performance at the launch of the Humber Mouth literature festival 2103. Presented by performance poets Joe Hakim and Mike Watts Read more...

Poetry - Rugby Kids By Alan Padwick
When we were kids we played rugby in the street
no posts, no grass and only sandshoed feet.
Sometimes we had an egg shaped ball,
at other times a sphere.
But we were tough and we played rough,
and most of all we had no fear.

Poetry - Watching Rugby in East Park By Julie Corbett
I stand with the home supporters
St. John’s Ambulance, those injured and the passionate unselected.
They keep up a commentary
Weaving plays with banter – wide –
use your flanks, butter fingers, up
and under, ref? is 'is 'ead still on ref


Poetry - England ...This is your time ... By Robert Eunson
The two front rows are like buffalos
The hooker's like a bloodhound on heat
The centre half's built like a horse and cart
And the full back... he's called Pete
The rest of the pack they stand...unfazed
like rhino's waiting for the rampage...
There's tension and nerves before the game begins but
when they put on the shirt they won't care if it hurts

Poetry - Salute From A Fan By Patricia Gray
I've always loved the rugby games
I know all of the positions and some of their names
I like the team spirit, the speed gets my attention
It's a simple game with no pretention.
I admire the players - one stated aim;
To score the points and win the game
With strength and agility they run the field
With team ship and ability they'll never yield

Poetry Up North It's Grin By Michael Wood
In six days the world was created,
On the seventh came demarcation lines,
One of these is a stretch of hills,
Famously known as the Pennines,
They separate men from madmen,
They divide the east from west,
The White Rose from the Red Rose,

Poetry In the Car, Thinking Rugby OR In the Shower, Panicking By Jessica Leathley
What’s it about, this rugby? What does it mean to me?
I don’t understand it, I don’t know the rules
I don’t know the names or the words or the teams.
Is it Union or League I ask and I ask.
League Jess League! The exasperation shows.
Airlie Birds, Robins, Warriors, Bulls
What do they mean? What are those?

Poetry Stroke City By Ernest Jackson
Culture in Derry stroke Londonderry
Defeated ancient divisions stroke splits:
RC stroke CE and Irish stroke Brits.
Quarrels too old to forget stroke bury.
Culture in Hull stroke Kingston upon Hull
Developed through few stroke many a year
Uniting the Roundhead stroke Cavalier:
People whose bird is the pigeon stroke gull.

Poetry East and West By David Thompson
I came to cross the great divide,
That stops the traffic at high tide,
With border guard who glowered down,
At anyone from east of town,
'Across this bridge you shall not pass,
You come from Rovers land alas',

Poetry Respect By Catherine Scott
The atmosphere is buzzing at the KC ground
There is an absolutely terrifying cacophony of sound
The crowd want to see a hard fought match
On their very own turf, their very own patch
The teams run on and they all shake hands
Sing National Anthems as tradition demands
They fall out of line and take up position

Poetry The Homing Poet By Pamela Scobie
After a night revisiting your greatest triumphs,
I left you outside with the bins.
They called from the landfill.
Would I collect?
You were discommoding the migrant workers.
By chucking in the defunct spin-drier,

Reviews, Film Gravity (Dir. Alfonso Cuarón, 12A) (No Spoilers) Reviewed By Michelle Dee
On Sunday I went to see Gravity. I'd seen a trailer the previous week, and had been totally seduced by the panoramic space spectacle, and couldn't wait to see the film that is being described as 'a cinematic masterpiece.' Gravity is visually superb; a thrilling, relentless experience, from the moment the space shuttle moves into view and you glimpse the astronauts outside the craft working on an antenna array, as the earth slowly rotates far below. Read more...

Reviews, Theatre Tracks by Open Umbrella Theatre at The Brolly, Scrapstore Studios - 7th to 30th November 2013 Reviewed By Michelle Dee
Sitting in The Brolly, I'm reminded of the tentative steps made by the acclaimed Hull Truck Theatre Company when it began all those years ago. With singular ambition, the traveling company used local support to put on shows for the community of Hull. At the core of Open Umbrella Theatre is the unshakable community-minded belief that theatre must be for everyone. Read more...

News, Arts - Hull: City of Culture 2017 By Michelle Dee
Well, well, well. Hull City of Culture 2017. You did it folks. We are Hull. We are proud. We at http://www.thisisull.com/ have been celebrating Hulls many achievements and saying #HullYes for 10 years. We are thrilled at this morning’s announcement. Here we are, in the foyer of Hull Truck Theatre, with two hundred or more early risers, all waiting for 7.45am. Read more...

Reviews, Art Ghost Ship by Dorothy Cross By Michelle Dee.
I walk softly across the darkened exhibition gallery, towards a corner, illuminated only by the light coming from the projected image on screen. I sit myself down in one of the low seats provided. The other seat, beside the one I'm in, is occupied. A quick glance out the corner of my eye reveals a man, possibly in a dark jacket and jeans, possibly with short hair. It's difficult to work out in this half light. Read more...

News, Arts - Lou Hazelwood: Memory and Magic By Michelle Dee
The work of visual artist Lou Hazelwood revolves around memory - in particular, creating images that appear familiar and evoke a sense of nostalgic comfort or provoke feelings of uncertainty and unease. The current works are suggestive of magic lantern slides of British and Germanic origin, the sort that were the height of entertainment and fascination during the Victorian era. Read more...

Poetry - Reprisals in Ulster By Patrick Henry
Now, when the worst clashes and scores looked settled.
The Agreement signed. Another loaded term.
As all troubles hinged on ways how letters sounded.
The old tongue once banned. Hidden orders, passed in that tone.
While loud verbals of ruling powers held the streets;
And seethed hateful, in those kept low, out to bog land parts;

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