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Current Affairs - Global Protests Demonstrate 15 March 2008 Trafalgar Square, London, Troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan Don't attack Iran End the siege of Gaza with Photo Gallery by Mo
Support, the alternative media website from Hull in England! This website is about people's lives and experiences - whoever they are - for us all to share. Every article, poem, story, review is contributed by you. Say what you feel, say it like it is. We do our best to publish everything you send to us. Please email your friends and send your stories to: has provided a free, independent platform for anyone and everyone to use since August 2003. The site depends on its editorial and production team who continue to toil tirelessly and without pay to bring 'Ull to you. We run on a shoestring and rely solely on advertising revenue to fund the site.
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Latest Comments
Places to Visit - Rudd On The Road Part Fourteen: St. Patrick's Day With A Difference By Steve Rudd
In the wake of an exhilarating hike into Runyon Canyon, one of Hollywood's best-kept secrets, I was all buoyed-up to sample a prime slice of LA nightlife. It was St. Patrick's Day, and I was keen to see how Americans celebrate it. Rest assured, I wasn't disappointed. They celebrate the day with just as much gusto as stout-addled folk back in Ireland. Opting to head downtown in order to appreciate the wide variety of bars in the district, I was accompanied by Dave Kebo, a movie-making friend who I'd first met in Istanbul back in November 2008. Read more...

Articles - Birth and Death in Ten Minutes: A Miracle in Room 11 By Ruth
'Hello.' 'Doctor, they have an emergency in Room 11.' 'Ok, I'm coming.' I put the phone down and exited the oppressive call room, where as the scheduled 'doc-in-the-box' on duty, I was busy frittering away 24 hours of my life. My 11-year-old-son had state exams the next day, and I hoped my 17-year-old daughter would make sure he studied. I knew they would probably watch TV and eat microwave food on the sofa instead. Read more...

Poetry - 500 Yards By Mike Watts (Video)
I side step
Dog shit
A syringe
A wounded tampon
From some
Dirty minge
A crushed can
On somebody's bonnet

Poetry - Fall of a House in Ulster By Patrick Henry
To go across the sea to Northern Ireland,
Could mean curtains for you, closing your last day.
Thinking to see sunset ablaze along The Lagan,
It's your house torched by those wanting you out of the way.
Memory of tense times recent in The Troubles,
Jogs at sight of boarded windows, from where some had flown,

Articles - The Cosmic Mayfly By David Sloan
From deep under the oceans, far from any sunlight, to high up in spewing volcanoes, life forms have been found on our planet. Even deep in the arctic ice, life forms have been found to exist. For life is tenacious, if it can exist it will exist, this is the way of nature. Soon, yes very soon, I'm sure we will find life forms on other planets in our solar system. Indeed I'd be very surprised if the whole universe were not teaming with some form of primeval life or another. Read more...

Reviews, Theatre - Write to Speak featuring Tony Walsh and Dennis Just Dennis at Hull Truck - Wednesday 15th June 09 By Mark Walmsley
The third and final Write to Speak event of this season at the Hull Truck Theatre on Wednesday 15th July, was headlined by two nationally acclaimed performance poets, Dennis Just Dennis and Tony Walsh, who both hail from Manchester. The nights entertainment was introduced by local poet Joe Hakim who was, in effect 'on the subs bench' as far as performing on these occasions go. Joe has a bigger challenge and I dare say a bigger audience to present himself to at the fourth Latitude Festival in Suffolk where he is performing in the poetry arena on Sat 18th and Sun 19th July.Read more...

Poetry - All To Come By Mike Watts
Amid the intensity
Of summer
I meander
Through afternoons
With crowd
And colour

Poetry - The Modern World - Art Girl By Scott Rorrison
Art girl
Innocent retro
Art girl:
How I've watched
In rapt summertime bewilderment
The rattle-bump
Of your steel framed shopper
Careering down 'Grannies Hill';

People - Interview with Emma Rugg By Steve Rudd
York-born Emma Rugg is certainly no stranger to the Hull music scene. A self-taught guitarist, pianist and singer, she initially honed her natural talents by busking on the streets of Hull. At around the same time she began to visit the Musicians Nights at The Adelphi on a regular basis, unconsciously nurturing her hugely supportive fan base as she sung and played her heart out. Financed by her busking, she released her debut album in 2003 through her own Read more...

Poetry - Lukewarm Water and Loneliness By Laurenceaux
Like water
I flow around you
giving at every turn,
carrying you above the rocks
and trying to cushion your life.
But water dammed for too long
can overflow its banks,

Poetry - Interpretations By Joe Hakim
This poem is about getting up in the morning
getting washed, getting dressed and heading
out into the day
This poem is about stubbing your toe
on the edge of a door
This poem is about all the people
who are desperate to see you fail

Poetry - Maybe I'm Just Crazy By Paul England
Maybe I'm just waiting
to move on to the next life
as thoughts cut through my mind
like the mad man with a knife
In the darkness of redemption
stood the poet with no voice
for my youth destroyed my soul

Poetry - Buy One Get One Free By Mark Walmsley
Buy now and save with 'splat' you will be utterly amazed
Our busty blondes that advertise it, will leave you purely dazed
It works wonders in the bath and around the kitchen sink
It turns all surfaces sparkling clean or that's what we make you think
By now you will be hypnotized, to our advertisement plea

Poetry - Dream By Phil Pretheroe
I've seen bombs on trains,
And buildings meet planes,
But I've never seen a black man in the white house.
I've seen boys walk and wave,
Turn to men and march to graves,
But I've never seen a black man in the white house.

Poetry - My Mate Dan By Andy Grant
My mate Dan is a very silly man,
A very silly man indeed,
He wants to change his life and risk his bloody life
To jump out of a Hercules,
A territorial man with dark red hat,
He has chosen to follow his dad,

Fiction - Side Orders - A Joe Geraghty Story By Nick Quantrill
'Ahmet's paranoid, man.' I turned to Darren and shrugged. Ignoring him, I continued looking out of the car window and into the Hull night, the city flashing by. 'You've been robbed twice this week' I said. It had just turned midnight. People were staggering home, the streets slowly emptying, but plenty of drunks still wanted their fix of fast food. 'Bad luck, Joe. That's all. It happens.' Darren laughed. 'It's cool to have a bodyguard, though.' 'I guess so.' It'd make a good story down the pub, if nothing else. Read more...

News, Arts Free Theatre Tickets for Under 26's
Now here's something you don't see everyday - FREE nights out from Monday to Thursday at Hull Truck Theatre. Here's how to get them: 1. Collect an application form from Hull Truck Box Office and fill it in. You only need to do this once and you will be able to book as many tickets for yourself as you like! 2. Post the form or drop it back into the Box Office. 3. Book your tickets by calling Hull Truck or dropping into the theatre. Read more...

Poetry - First Love and Your Love By Laurenceaux
I love you inside.
Deep inside, protected and warmed
where no-one-else has been,
and as with undercurrents
you move unseen in me,
you stir my heart
kick me inside

Poetry - Brief Encounter By Terry Ireland
I was walking to the station
To catch an early morning train
Not a very nice day
Dark with drizzly sort of rain
When this voice beside me said
Hi would you like a lift
I'm not normally here at this time

Poetry - Battered By Michelle Dee
Did you fail to turn in, are you getting too thin?
Is this the year to finally stop all the drugs you're taking?
Kid yourself it's all okay. You already know
you'll have to pay. So lie inside,
die inside, it doesn't really matter.
Just another night and day, when you got battered.

Articles - You Scare Me By Alex
'You scare me' Having that said to you, just once, is one time too many. Why? Why was this person scared of me? Drunken rage? Membership in the BNP? A predilection for bumming puppies? Nope, none of those (admittedly scary) things. I had done nothing but acquire a label; 'Psychotic'. So what do people understand by that? Usually it's some media inspired portrayal of a reality avoiding, maniac with a large blade. The reality is both fairer and fouler than the common perception. No, psychotics are not automatically or overwhelmingly prone to violence or abuse. Read more...

News, Arts Write to Speak Featuring Tony Walsh and Dennis Just Dennis at Hull Truck on Wednesday 15th July 09
The next Write to Speak presents northern poets Tony Walsh and Dennis Just Dennis at the Studio Stage at Hull Truck. Supporting Tony and Dennis will be Hull poetry performers, Joe Hakim and Mike Watts with more of their down to earth poetry pieces. If you've missed the previous shows, now's your chance to catch some real performances, showing you poetry like you've never seen it before. Edgy, dynamic and sometimes shocking, Write to Speak will challenge and entertain Read more...

Places to Visit - Rudd On The Road Part Thirteen: The Green Side of Hollywood By Steve Rudd
Keen to see a side of LA that the majority of visitors to the city never get to appreciate, I couldn't have been more pleased when my friend Dave Kebo, a movie-maker who was raised in LA and knows much of it like the back of his hand, offered to show me around. It was St. Patrick's Day, and our first port of call was a cafe in the Silver Lake district, east of Hollywood. Neither of us had so far indulged in breakfast, so we ordered up and sat back, sitting out on the busy sidewalk in order to increase our chances of spotting a celeb. Read more...

News - New parking prices make shoppers smile at St Stephen's Shopping Centre
St Stephen's Shopping Centre continues to offer great service to customers by reducing the parking price to just £1.00 after 4pm during the week and all day Sunday. From Monday 6th July 2009 Hull city centre visitors can enjoy this reduced parking price - perfect for after work shopping visits or meeting friends for a bite to eat and evening's entertainment at Reel Cinema or nearby Gala Bingo. With all stores, now joined by Next, open until 7pm weekdays, 6pm Saturdays, and 8pm on Thursday, you can shop 'til you Read more...

Poetry - The Speaker of The Commons By Patrick Henry
Mick Martyr, a Clyde worker, worth his metal,
Falls on his sword, they carry for State Opening.
Rows rage on MPs, on two home loans, two jags,
Two lav. seats, two blue films, two mistresses,
To show the masses, who now their master is;
Two turtle-doves, to bill and coo, in their cote,
To house the ducks, spare no expense; to float

News, Arts Take My Hand - Peter Lowsley
An avid follower of Hull City and with a life-long passion for the city, Peter Lowsley decided to champion both in his own words. Peter's first attempt at writing a book, Take My Hand , is out now. Over the course of the last season Peter and his family followed the Tigers home and away. 'The book covers our historic first season in the Premier League and charts all of the games.' Although keen to point out it's not a string of match reports, Peter can't deny it's a real pro-Hull story!

Reviews, Theatre - Write to Speak featuring Luke Wright at Hull Truck - Monday 29th June 09 By Mark Walmsley
After attending the first Write to Speak session back in May featuring Mike Watts, Joe Hakim and Mandi Lowe, I certainly wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to attend the second instalment with Luke Wright on Monday night. I arrived at pretty much the same time as the last Write to Speak performance at about 7.20 pm for an 8.00 Read more...

Reviews, Films - Emma Rugg's Directions Tour By Steve Rudd
It's fair to say that it has been relatively quiet on the Emma Rugg front over the past couple of years. I, for one, thought she'd relocated to the United States in the wake of the Directions Tour she undertook there with Henry Doss in 2007. Having first made contact through the BBC radio show Raw Talent in 2003, Emma had visited Henry in the states on a couple of occasions prior to heading over to hit the Read more...

News, Arts Write to Speak Featuring Luke Wright at Hull Truck on Monday 29th June 09
Following its sell-out debut at Hull Truck last month, Write to Speak, Yorkshire's first theatre based spoken word/poetry event presents spoken word artist Luke Wright with his latest show, A Poet's Work is Never Done as part of the Humber Mouth Literature Festival. 4Talent award winner Luke Wright might just be the hardest working Read more...

Poetry - We interrupt your programming to go live to the BBC News desk ... By Mark Walmsley
'Reports are just coming in that...
Democracy has just been assassinated
From the comments from the gentleman in the hat
He witnessed the murder as orchestrated
There is widespread panic on the streets
Carnage, devastation an attack on the elite'

CD Reviews - Winds Of Time - Glenn Williams and The Ullbillies (Lazy Swede Productions) By Jim Soars - Courtesy Of Maverick Country Music Magazine
Hull's very own Glenn Williams is one of the hardest working composers and musicians in the UK country roots crossover genre. His latest release Winds of Time highlights his song writing credentials with ten new tracks making their first appearance. Again ably assisted by his regular band The Ullbillies that comprise guitarist / percussionist / keys Read more...

Poetry - Relationship Ret-con By Joe Hakim
the staples that bound us
have come unstuck
as we fall to bits
like a ripped up book
you rant and issue
your prime directive
our horizons shift into
a Jack Kirby perspective

Poetry - People By Mike Watts
Don't ever be afraid
To speak your mind
Even if you find
Your words smacking
Like a fist
Into the face
Of the person that
You're speaking to

Music Reviews - Friday 29th May 09 - Moonbeams Acoustic Evening at the Bell Hotel, Driffield By Steve Rudd
In light of the fact that it was the final Moonbeams before summer, organiser Leila Slater had gone all out to arrange the greatest line-up imaginable, managing to replace Hayley Gaftarnick with Edwina Hayes at the last minute when Hayley unfortunately came down with tonsillitis. Opening proceedings, resident barman at The Bell, Joe Pickering, Read more...

Fiction - A Story About My Brother By J.W. Robinson
I was about twelve-years-old when my brother, James, came home from the supermarket carrying an enormous cardboard box and announced that he was going to live in it. He had been behaving strangely for a while. My mum said it was a phase he was going through and she didn't like to antagonise him too much; he was prone to emotional outbursts. Nevertheless I think she worried when he took that box up to his bedroom and climbed inside. Read more...

News, Arts National Write A Poem About the News Day 2009 with Kate Fox
Here's a chance for all you poets out there to reach a wider audience. would like to encourage as many local writers as possible to take part in this national event. Instead of just tutting at what's on the news, everyone in the country is being asked to write a poem about it. The first ever national Write a Poem about the News Day is launched on Wednesday June 24th. Read more...

Poetry - A Wish for Unity By Suraya Begum
It’s time for us all to unite,
Stop trying to separate Black from White
It’s time for people to get along,
Everyone together will make the world strong
Racism can have such a bad effect,
People coming together is what will earn respect

Poetry - The Farmers Market By Gary Clark
I saw a farmers market today on Prinny Dock side
A good place for a market thought I
How long have farmers made plastic tractors for kids?
And little aeroplanes that fly around on a stick?
Looked a bit desolate, the traders bored stiff
Not many farmers and nowt for a quid
The fat and the skinny the big and the tall

Poetry - The Right to Rule By Patrick Henry
The Bother Boys come blowing in,
By stealth through the back door.
Euro Polls gave them the nod. Round corners lurk dozens more.
Garbed like bouncers, they’re in fact
Gatecrashers, sneaking backwards in,
Thought a loony fringe safely outside;

News, Arts The Humber Mouth Literature Festival 2009
The Humber Mouth Literature Festival takes place in Hull between June 20th and July 7th 2009, presenting a wide range of events featuring authors, speakers and artists from the UK and around the world. The festival celebrates literature, language and text-based arts, combining author events with special commissions and community projects, and builds on a year-round programme of literature development activities.

Places to Visit - Beinvenue: Paris in 3 Days for Less Than 100,000 Calories! By Ruth
Prologue: The long weekend in Paris was a spur of the moment idea hatched by my daughter. I was initially sceptical about the cost. Summer fares to Europe are never less than extortionate. My cousin in Paris pointed out that fares spike sharply at the end of June and remain high throughout the summer months. Armed with that information, we checked flights for the first week of June Read more...

Articles - Channel 4 Students and Friday Night Stars By Phil Prethero
2007, The One Stop 24 Hour Shop, High Street, Lincoln It's Saturday, it's 7 in the morning, and I'm at work, hung over, stood here like a trampled on torn up tampon - of use to absolutely nobody. Why the fuck I agreed to these shifts is beyond me, normal people at the age of 21 and in their last year of uni are in bed at this time, they'll get up at about 11, Read more...

Poetry - House of Commons Lunch By Terry Ireland
Politicians soup they called it
Very clear and very thin
Like those election promises
No substance to put in
And it was fed to the people
And while they lived on that
The snouts at the trough

Poetry - Poetry versus Art By Mark Walmsley
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then art is a personal expression
If diction is a rule of language, then poetry does not have a connection.
How can an art critic judge, when he has no talent of his own? Read more...

Poetry - Hannah By Steve Rudd
The snow. That's what it came down to.
And, of course, the cold
That penetrated the folds
So the sheep couldn't see the shelter
Amidst the pristine whiteout.
That's why they roamed
At right angles to shepherds,

Poetry - Ode to the Insomniac By Scott Rorrison
Pixelated spectres drift through the train station:
Commuters going this way, and that,
Lives filled with collecting bric a brac
Stick in his soul
Like insomnia Weighted sheets.
Sleep is as far away
As the feel of a good woman

Places to Visit - Rudd On The Road Part Twelve: Onwards and Upwards By Steve Rudd
I don't do early mornings. At least I don't do them very well. I mean, was it 5 a.m. already? We'd had less than two hours of sleep, and it was time for my friend Evangelina to whisk me to the airport in order for me to catch my 7:50 a.m. flight with 'Mexicana' back to Los Angeles. Having joined a bunch of Evangelina's friends for some food and drink at a cantina close to Bellas Artes in the Historical Centre of Mexico City the previous night, Read more...

News, Arts Caffeine Nights Publishing Signs New Authors
Caffeine Nights Publishing is pleased to announce the signing of two new authors to its fold. Crime fiction author, Nick Quantrill and Neuroscience thriller author, Greg Dawe are the first signings for the Kent based publishing company. Quantrill's novel, Broken Dreams - a gritty urban crime thriller set in Hull, amid a background of local government corruption and murder, is the first novel featuring Quantrill's new private detective, Joe Geraghty. Read more...

Articles - Can You Help? Hull Clubs in the Sixties Keith Fairhurst
I wonder if you can help me. I am searching for the name of a 1965 Hull beat club. The club was at the end of a passageway between two buildings off a one-way street in the centre of the city. It had a small opening/courtyard in front of the main entrance. The passageway was on the right hand side as you travelled down the street. I believe it was called The Black Cat Club or Kontiki Club Read more...

Poetry - Has Anybody Told You ... By Andy Grant
Has anybody told you that you're ugly?
Has anybody told you that you're fat?
Has anybody said you have a face for the radio?
Well they have me, and well, that's that.
Has anybody said that you're lovely?
Has anybody said that you're cute?

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