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Scroobius Pip Speaks On Spoken Word, Socks, Caps and Collaborations At Hull Uni (6/6)
By Michelle Dee
(1/6), (2/6), (3/6), (4/6), (5/6), (6/6).

Who are you going to collaborate with next?

Who knows, who knows. I'm working on the next album and we've got a load of people we'd like to work with, people like Peter and the Pirates... we were working on a track with Adele but she's obviously ridiculously busy being number one on iTunes in America at the moment and everything generally going crazy so whether that will come about or not who knows?

There's a poet called PolarBear that we'd love to work with on the next album.
The guy who's signed us in America Sage Francis (Strange Famous) has been a huge influence on me as a writer in general so I'd love to get a collaboration in there.

There's a poet called Excentral Tempest, a girl, absolutely amazing she's a young girl, and you meet her and she's this tiny little girl and just her lyrics just so insightful, intense and intelligently written, it's just amazing to see her. I'd really love to work with her at some point as well.
What did you do for National Poetry Day did you celebrate it?

I think I was on tour, yeah I had a show with Dan but I made sure there was a spoken word piece in the set. I did a blog with a list of my favourite poets or that might have been the previous year.

Well I think that's it we're just about done.

Is that your lot? Thank you very much.
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People - An Interview with Glen Strachan, An English musician in Germany By Steve Rudd
Glen Strachan, formerly of Uxbridge, recently made the bold decision to relocate to Berlin, where he has been edging his way into the city's music scene with cunning stealth. Former member of acclaimed underground bands TheBed and England and The April, Glen is a prolific songwriter whose tunes never fail to astound and inspire through being so daring and original. Read more...

People - An Interview with The Alps By Steve Rudd
London band The Alps have been receiving rave reviews over the past couple of years for their CD releases and live performances. Having recently unleashed their eagerly anticipated debut album, Something I Might Regret, the band is working harder than ever, with a string of dates in Spain and the shooting of their latest music video keeping the four lads tremendously busy. Read more...

People - An Interview with Chris Helme By Steve Rudd
Former member of acclaimed Indie band The Seahorses, in which he penned and performed tunes with John Squire, Chris Helme has never been one to shy away from the limelight. However, since The Seahorses disbanded, Chris has been hard at work pursuing other musical avenues, not least by means of York-based band The Yards. Read more...

People - An Interview With Karl Bushby By Steve Rudd
Men come no more intrepid than adventurer Karl Bushby, formerly of Hull. In 1998, feeling like undertaking the mother of all challenges, he set out from Punta Arenas, Chile, with the intention of literally walking around the world: all the way home. Thus, he walked north through South America, Central America and North America, completing the American leg of his epic walk in Fairbanks, Alaska. Read more...

People - Michelle Dee Catches Up With Afterglow During Recording Sessions At Big Hand Studio In Hull By Michelle Dee
It's a blistering hot Saturday I am in the upstairs room of Big Hand Studio with mixing desk monitors and stacks of equipment covered with LED lights blinking intermittently. I am here to see AfterGlow who the week previous headlined at Sesh to great effect playing possibly their best Hull gig to date. They were all right on the button raising Read more...

People - An Exclusive Interview with David Icke, Candidate in the Howden and Haltemprice By-election
Hello David Icke. Is this election the first step in a move into politics? No. I'm just using the opportunity to draw attention to the issue of the Big Brother state, the global elite which is slowly taking over. I'm not entering politics as a career. So what will you do if you win? I'm think there's a one-hundred per cent chance that I won't win, but if by some chance I did, I would resign. How could I stand up in the houses Read more...

People - An Interview with Charlie Heather of The Levellers By Steve Rudd
The Levellers have dominated the Folk-Punk scene for the past twenty years, having had scores of hit singles and albums. Often voted as one of the best live bands in the UK, they've wowed venues and festival audiences all around the world with their brand of politically-charged music. On the brink of performing a huge number of dates at various summer festivals, The Levellers are also on the verge of Read more...

People - An Interview with Leila Slater (Mastermind behind Moonbeams Acoustic Nights in Driffield By Steve Rudd
Fed up with having to travel out of town to indulge in her passion for live music, Leila Slater boldly took it upon herself to start organizing and promoting her own nights of live music in Driffield. Taking the form of intimate Acoustic nights, her Moonbeams events have so far attracted a whole host of marvelous musicians and singers from near and far. Read more...

People - An Interview with Adam Towse of Filth Wizard By Steve Rudd
Fans of Torso Horse might have been wondering why it's been so quiet on their metallic front in recent months. Well, rest assured - they haven't split up; they've simply been taking a break. In the meantime, band ringleader Adam Towse has been busy writing material for a new project: Filth Wizard. Unleashing auto-erotic fury in a similar manner Read more...

People - Lyn Acton - Born to be Blue
My name is Lyn Acton. I've been singing all my life but seriously with others and in bands for about 20 years - My God! For the last 10 years I've been mainly involved in Latin and Jazz. Past bands have been Coyote Trap - an African influenced band at the beginning of the World Music boom in the early 80's. Then the OK Consolers, an originals band, dallying with label interest but that doesn't pay so we formed .. Read more...

Interviews - Colin Blakeston Film Producer
I work for a Video/DVD production company in town called GH Productions. We do a lot of work to promote Hull and that's why it's nice to see a website doing the same thing!' (Thanks Colin - Editor).
Since working there, Colin has been involved in productions for such clients as The Deep, KC Stadium, Ferensway, Children's University and The Zone, to name a few.

People - Hull By Muthoni Kamau
I am a post-graduate student at the University of Hull. I am from Kenya in East Africa, one of God's little and wee kept secrets! I have been in Hull for just over a month now ant it's been quite an experience. I am bound never to forget it. It's one strange town!


Took time to recover from the glasto festie back in June. Can you do some crazy things down there or can you do some crazy things? Took me a few months to get back down to earth, I can tell you.
Went up to the stone circle on the second day I did...... and then... before I knew it I found myself floating over towards the Pyramid stage and coming to a stop about 300 metres in the air above the main crowd. Read more...

People - Franks first night at Glastonbury Festival
by Alfred Lawyer
It all seemed to be looking up for Frank Malarky, Dance DJ extraordinaire and full-time Law Man - loved by the masses if only they had heard of him. At last a chance to strut his stuff, shake his (ample) booty and impress the young ladies at the festival he loved the most; Glastonbury.

Interviews - Robert Needham Sculptor
That's when I met Robert Needham. My first impression was that maybe he was a member of the clergy, presenting me with a warm smile and outstretched hand, smartly dressed, little thin maybe, definitely an interesting looking character.

Interviews Music - About UNDER THE INFLUENCE
By Dean Shakespeare
Back in the mid 90's, after the Hacienda and Madchester hype had died down, the press pigeon-holed the whole new breed of guitar music coming from the U.K. and labelled it Brit Pop. At the forefront of DJ's and promoters at that time showing an interest in this music in Hull was DJ Priya (Welly) and the Room nightclub. Read more...

Interviews - Live and Under the Influence By Cilla
Take a young man with a passion for real, original, live music with enough ideas to make Richard Branson's head explode and you end up with a series of amazingly successful events, reported in the press and on the Internet and a guy with an event that almost nobody has ever heard of! I went to see Miss Black America play at an Under the Influence gig .. Read more...

www.thisistheworld.com Europe Interviews -
Riley and Emma Rugg by Cilla
In October last year, Hulls most talented female singer/songwriter Emma Rugg accompanied the brilliant West Midlands band Riley on a 5 day visit to Oneonta, Upstate New York. With the backing of Mi5 Recordings mi5recordings.co.uk and in association with BBC Radio Humberside's Raw Talent the British performers were to play in an Mi5/Vines Restaurant Acoustic Concert. Read more...

Interviews - still life - A Seriously Serious Band
By Cilla
So, what do reckon to a story about a gasman, a B&Q manager, a policeman, a PC salesman and a graphic designer? Can you think of a connection? Bet you can't. Seemed pretty obscure to me, too, until I met Mike and James. Then it all became clear. still life, the band. Read more...

Interviews - What is Lakh Kushia?
By Jane
Lakh Kushia is an exciting new shop selling all things Eastern..
Situated on Newland Avenue on the corner of Marshall Street where the carpet shop used to be ... it really is ' the unique Eastern -Western experience'. Lakh Kushia means 'million happinesses' in Punjabi.

Interviews - Who Are the Renegade Writers?
Lee explains "The group is based on honesty, openness, a place where expression is not limited by shame, but encouraged, without boundaries."
"Sex, drugs, rock and Roll, it's about expressing life's energy!" Nick continues.


Interviews - Making Friends With Emma Rugg
Emma has found music a means not only to express herself and her life, but also a terrific channel for her positive life energy. She is determined. She is intelligent. She is truly beautiful. She is many things but at 21, she lives alone, her mum having moved a couple of years ago into sheltered accommodation to help her deal with debilitating health problems.

Interviews - Brain from the Hull Flash Crowd
By Rich Mills
Rich: Alright Brain, so you've given up trying to take over the world every night with your side-kick Pinky, and have moved into organising Flash Crowds, or Flash Mobs as I understand they are also known?

Interviews Will Self
Tuesday 17th of June saw the excellent arrival into Hull of the delightful satirical journalist and dryer than arrid anti-perspirant Will Self. The man himself graced around 250 eager punters at the Pave cafe bar on Princes Avenue at 6.45 p.m.. And guess who was lucky enough to have a prime seat by the stage window with the Kronenbourg flowing effortlessly and the company in keep, divine?!.

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