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News, Arts Write to Speak Featuring Kate Tempest and Matt Panesh at Hull Truck on Tuesday 27th October 09
Support, the alternative media website from Hull in England! This website is about people's lives and experiences - whoever they are - for us all to share. Every article, poem, story, review is contributed by you. Say what you feel, say it like it is. We do our best to publish everything you send to us. Please email your friends and send your stories to: has provided a free, independent platform for anyone and everyone to use since August 2003. The site depends on its editorial and production team who continue to toil tirelessly and without pay to bring 'Ull to you. We run on a shoestring and rely solely on advertising revenue to fund the site.
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Latest Comments
Music News - British Urban Collective Youth Music Project Strikes a Chord in Hull
British Urban Collective is a national youth\u2010music project that turns inner city kids into rising stars of the British music industry. The project launched in 2004 as London Urban Collective and has now expanded into Hull, Manchester, Belfast and Glasgow, with funding through the Execution Charitable Trust. The Hull artists featured on the British Urban Collective album, to be independently released on Freeport Records / Universal Digital Read more...

People - An Interview with Jonny Bealby By Steve Rudd
A true traveller's traveller, Jonny Bealby has intimately explored a staggering number of exotic countries. Thankfully, when he decided to undertake a daring circumnavigation of Africa by motorbike, Jonny made sure he wrote all about the many and varied trials and tribulations encountered 'on the road.' The resultant book was entitled Running With The Moon, and it became a roaring success. Bolstered by the public's reaction to his way with words, Jonny went on to write Read more...

Poetry - Returning to Paragon, St. Stephens By Julie Corbett
The harvest of sniper seeds
Loaded to crevice and gutter
Lesser yellowed urban bouquets
Chlorophyll stems
Renewing old lines and visions
Seasonal planning of the green space
Many striations and stipples

Places to Visit - Rudd On The Road Part Fifteen: A Run-In With Gordon Ramsay By Steve Rudd
Having touched back down in LA on what had been a sensationally overcast day, I was glad to see the sun the following morning as I ventured out into Santa Monica, aspiring to hit the beach. I was back in the city to catch up with a friend and to do some writing, but I still intended to make some time to see exactly why people get so excited about the smattering of beaches gracing The Pacific Coast at LA. It's certainly easy to understand why Read more...

Poetry - Getting to Know Each Other By Jim Higo
We sat on the sofa and she stared deep into my eyes;
pleading, searching, demanding,
with a probing glare
that looked for answers from deep within my soul,
like a rape victim meeting her attacker
(I should point out that that is purely a fictitious metaphor).
She said, 'Tell me what it is.

Poetry - When You Add It All Up By Jim Higo
Ernie without Eric,
10 without Bo Derek,
A diocese without a cleric,
Scottish football without Berwick.
There's really not much point.
The thoughts of Tony Blair,
Arthur Scargill's hair,
Two minus a pair,

Fiction - All The Fun Of The Fair By Nick Quantrill Photographs by Darren Rogers
Jimmy held his hand out to the old man lying in a bed of wet cardboard boxes. 'Help you up, there?' The old man took the hand. 'Good on you, son.' Jimmy took the strain and pulled. 'No problem. You might want to get your face looked at, though.' The old man took a tissue out of his pocket and wiped the blood from his nose. 'Don't worry about me, I'll be fine.' He laughed and wiped his hands on his trousers. 'So who are you, then?' 'Jimmy.' 'New around here?' 'First time.' 'Thought so.' Read more...

Poetry - Soldier Boys By Bronwyn Ellis
The unsung heroes nameless in war,
Fighting and dying like thousands before,
Forgetting their freedom to salvage our own,
And the promise of honour when the troops return home,
Boys trained to men in the blink of an eye,
To combat and conquer or battle and die,
Where all hope is lost they continue in vain,
And we bury their bodies but never their name. Read more...

Poetry - The Bad And The Ugly By Mike Watts
Last night I picked up a brick
And broke a window
I watched the glass
Smash and crash
I watched it explode and splinter
It was the chemist I'd done
And being too pissed to run
I just stood there

Poetry - Mum's The Word By Lin Whitehouse
Is it too much to ask
for a moment alone,
to sigh when I like,
not answer the phone.
To leave the dishes,
not make all the beds.
Eat fresh air for one day
and not bang the boy's heads   

Poetry - Closing Time at The Rugby Tavern By Joe Hakim
wring my soul out like a dirty
flannel and hang it on the line;
sprinkle my heart with sage
fry it in batter
and shower it
in salt
Take me home
past the burnt-out church and

Poetry - Repatriation By Terry Ireland
RAF Lyneham.
The airplanes circles,
Lands and waits.
In due time the bearer party
Transfer the coffin,
Flag draped,
At the slow march.

News, Arts to Launch New iPoetry Application on Apple ITunes Store for iPhone/iTouch the alternative media website from Hull in England proudly announces the pre-release of its new iPhone/iTouch application called iPoetry to coincide with National Poetry Day 2009. This new media platform will be available within the next few weeks on the Apple ITunes App Store, bringing the special talents of our poets, photographers and videographers to a global (available to some 2 billion iPhone users) audience. Read more...

News, Arts Write to Speak Featuring Kate Tempest and Matt Panesh at Hull Truck on Tuesday 27th October 09
Show Starts at 8pm Tickets £5 Hull Truck Box Office (01482) 323638 Yorkshire's first theatre based spoken word night will be returning to the studio space at Hull Truck theatre on Tuesday 27th October. Featuring Kate Tempest and Matt Panesh, hosted by Joe Hakim and Mike Watts. Edgy, dynamic and sometimes shocking, Write to Speak will challenge and entertain - leave your preconceptions at the door. Read more...

Poetry - Simple Words By Terry Ireland
I suppose I'm just a simple man
but I can read and write.
I struggle with the crossword
nearly every single night.
I like to write my poetry
when I can make the time.
I'm not very good at rhythm
and don't always make the rhyme

Poetry - A Close Shave By Bronwyn Ellis
London's soil had long since dried and cobbles lay where grass once grew,
The memories of violets died as petals yearned for morning dew,
The sky as bleak as life itself an echo of the days gone by,
The clouds rained metaphoric tears in grief of man's desire to die.
This concrete world, these concrete dreams, had built a wall around my mind,
The aging grey of empty living surely soon would paint me blind,

Poetry - Unfinished (republished With audio MP3 download) By Laurenceaux
Your sickness is inside of you
trapped within your head,
distraught with insecurities,
irrational instabilities
are signs I always dread.
With childish eyes - implicit faith
to me you'd run in pain,

Poetry - Journeys By Jamie McGarry
If you knew how many of these
were written on trains, you would laugh;
that is, if there's humour in percentages.
But I won't explain why - oh no, oh no.
Why I write so often on the move,
you can guess for yourself. It must be all
that sat there, waiting, nothing to do ....

News, Arts Write to Speak Podcast Available Now on Apple iTunes
The first Write to Speak podcast is now available to download, for free, in the audio podcast arts section of the Apple iTunes store. Recorded live at the studio space at Hull Truck Theatre on June 29th 2009 as part of The Humber Mouth Literature Festival, featuring Luke Wright, Joe Hakim and Mike Watts, this is the first in a series of recordings showcasing the best national poetry/spoken word performers. Luke Wright: 4Talent award winner Luke Wright Read more...

Poetry - Story By Mike Watts
Cancer had been chewing at her
For a couple of years before she
Finally succumbed to it
She was 40 and had
Two grown-up kids
I received the news by text
Whilst I was in bed
This made sleep pretty elusive

Poetry - Exes Are Exes For A Reason By Joe Hakim
And then you say: 'We can still be mates.'
But it's too late
for that,
because now I look like the world's biggest twat.
Should have never gone back,
I'd got things on track
but now it's all derailed -

Poetry - Feelings (republished with audio MP3 download) By Laurenceaux
I thought my love was underhand.
But how wrong.
So wrong.
It welled up and filled my soul.
Fast: 'till I could not hold.
And how it came I cannot explain.
But I am glad.

Reviews, Theatre - Write to Speak featuring Kate Fox and Scarlet Lights at Hull Truck - Wednesday 16th September 09 By Mark Walmsley
The first performance of the new season of Write to Speak came round pretty quickly and most definitely replicated the first gig a year ago with regards to support and talent. On a personal level, I fully understood what was on offer and although the event didn't seem very well advertised, I was notified by thisisUll the day before and without a hesitation changed my appointments for the big day in order that I made sure I was there for the kick off, in fact I was Read more...

Poetry - Walk And All By Holly Roach
You told me
'Nobody puts baby in the corner!'
as you asked me to dance.
You thought it was funny
and would score your chick flick, heart melting points
but you're no Patrick Swayze
and I'm no Plain Jane dancing Queen just waiting to be discovered
so the atmosphere just fell flat

Reviews, Theatre - Wednesday 16th September 2009 - Scarlet lights Theatre Company Performs Retail is Detail at Write to Speak at Hull Truck Theatre By Danielle Rhodes
Retail Is Detail is undoubtedly a 'maverick' production of contemporary comedy, embodying a highly versatile and compatible cast as rare as rocking horse shit. From start to finish the audience is inflamed by the radiance from the performer's energy and fast pace scenes. The play displays a young educated girl facing unemployment, regrettably a conventional product of the current recession. In her despairing attempt to find employment Read more...

Poetry - Our Love? With audio MP3 download By Laurenceaux.
My Love
is a kinda strange love,
for my love hurts me so.
Our love
is a kinda strained love,
for our love is mine alone.
You told me -
you told me that you loved me.

Articles - Memories of Hull By Terry Hood
I served my apprenticeship as a ships rigger with Lord Line in 1954. Tom Boyd was an absolute gentleman and the best boss I ever worked for. I now live in Cheltenham but I visited Hull in April of this year and saw the true reality of St. Andrews Dock, Lord Line and surrounding area. It brought back such a lot of happy memories and sadness to see it as it is today. Whilst I was in Hull I visited the museum Read more...

Poetry - Flames By Lee Cassanell
The ashes were scattered
my flatter had flittered
the flickering was fluttering
the muttering had cometh
A day in the gaze of the days
that are gone
brought a sigh and a tear

Poetry - As Luck Would Have It By Bronwyn Ellis
Luck for some is more than chance,
A gift that can't be bought,
Some people sail through life unscathed,
Whilst others straws are short.
He never knew if luck would change,
But still he took precautions,
In staying far away from things which added to misfortunes.

Opinions - An Ordinary Blokes Blog By Gary Clark
Why am I worried at my age in life? I've been quite successful so far, for an Endike lad. I say that because nothing much was expected of us when were turfed out of school at 15 with a limited education under our belts. Although we did not realise it at the time, until it was too late. You see we were all in the same boat. No-one knew any better, that's what we did; suffered the boringness of a Secondary school education, then followed our older brother's footsteps. Read more...

Poetry - Moonwalking and Whalesong By Rivelino
Moonwalking eternally across the earth in silhouette,
America watched you shedding skins contaminating
ethnic colouring's, she reflected back an
inverted dream where white is black, history's
eye filtering slavery and genocide through
distorted sight. King of pop crowned with fire
composing songs on a cosmic lyre, heaven withheld

Poetry - Lily Pond By Joe Hakim
In the autumn of
the last year when I
felt the need
to know everything
about everything,
I had the power
to turn gardens into

News, Arts Write to Speak Featuring Kate Fox and Scarlet Lights at Hull Truck on Wednesday 16th September 09
Yorkshire's first theatre based spoken word night will be returning to the studio space at Hull Truck theatre on Wednesday 16th September. Featuring Hull's very own Scarlet Lights on the back of their hugely successful Edinburgh Fringe run with their show Retail is Detail, and Radio 4's Kate Fox with her witty topical poems. Tickets £5. Show begins 8pm Hull Truck Box Office 01482 323638 Buy Online Read more...

Poetry - Ever Decreasing Circles By Belinda Barchard
The river echoes the pains,
Of broken hearts, of broken minds,
Even if I embrace my heart and my mind,
It can never feel so sweet,
Like a melody already played,
Forever in your ears,
But lacking the intensity.

Poetry - Hull Big Screen By Mark Walmsley
What a bloody eyesore
Tinned noise and what for?
We leave our sad life behind
Only to bloody well find
Another TV we've got away from
To see this giant abomination
This broken down screen
Hull's supposed to be green, yet,

Poetry - Long Long Ago (Fado Fado) By Dayne Coyne
Long, long ago
And oh so far away
I can't remember
Did it ever really happen?
It must have been far, far away
And oh so long ago
I can't remember
Did I ever really know

Opinions - The Green Electrek Power Company By David Sloan
A radical answer to mass unemployment, endemic obesity and the clean energy crisis.Benefits Full employment. Cheap green electricity. Reduced oil and gas imports. Higher government tax revenues. Income for all people, regardless of educational skills. Healthier people, fitter people, less overweight people. Less social destitution, less heart disease, less mental health problems, less diabetes. The NHS now spends £3000 a second on people Read more...

News, Community - Lost Budgie
Fluff (aka Psycho), a blue budgie, escaped from West Hull on Tuesday the 25th August, at approximately 9am. She has a blue belly, black and grey patterned wings, white head and brown nose. She could well be anywhere, including Beverley etc. Please look in your back garden, in nearby trees etc. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, customers, gardeners, park caretakers and wardens etc, to keep an eye out for this little budgie. If found, please try Read more...

Poetry - As It Was By Mike Watts
Shower light's still on
Cheap coffee's gone
Been asked where I've been
Can smell Mr Sheen
A liner in the bin
Pornography's missing
Toilet flushes blue

EP Reviews - The Sugars - Gossip By Steve Rudd
They might be called The Sugars, but not everything about this band is sweet, for their confrontational rock n roll sound is dark and deadly in equal measure, as exhilarating elements of Blues and Soul creep into their arrangements to make their music all the more interesting and engaging. Released through Bad Sneakers Record, Gossip is a sensational tune, anchored by Alex Lewis's irresistible beat, a funk-tastic bass-line, and genuinely cool Read more...

News, Community - Hull University Mental Health Students Raising Money to Travel to Uganda
Local Mental Health Nursing students Carolyn Park-Young, Chloe Grannon and Danielle Holmes are raising funds to help them travel to Uganda in March 2010 to take part in an international nursing placement at Mbarara hospital. Hull University has a long established teaching link with Mbarara hospital but this will be the first time that students from Hull's Mental Health nursing department will travel to Uganda to observe their Mental Read more...

Poetry - On Yer Todd By Joe Hakim
I'm the last piece of spaghetti
in the jar in the cupboard,
I'm the kid picked out
by the nit nurse,
I'm the unclaimed purse
in the cloakroom.
I'm the only coin in the

Poetry - On Patrol in Afghanistan, A Soldier's Tale By Andy Grant
The call to prayer as dusk falls in
The moonlight starts to shine
All around fear grows within
With the sound of gunfire rounds,
The mortar flash the home made bomb
The small arms fire afar
The dessert night is cold and still

Art - Introducing Stuart Tideswell.
My name is Stuart and I live in Nottingham. I mainly do graphic work, pastels and paintings. In the past I've done work in cloth and other media. Topics I like doing include abstract, symbolic, nature. Myself and a couple of friends have set up a small limited company, called Avona Ltd., through which we intend to promote our creative work.

Articles - Don Wilson 1916 - 2009.
One of Nidderdale's most fascinating characters has died suddenly aged 93. Donald Wilson moved from Edinburgh to Dacre Banks in February 1950, having been stationed at RAF Linton on Ouse during the war. Don was shot down over Germany early in the conflict and was eventually imprisoned in the infamous Stalag Luft III, setting for the film The Great Escape. He provided invaluable information and advice for the makers of the film, having kept a detailed wartime log during his incarceration. Read more...

Music News - One Voice Charity CD By Michelle Dee
Last week it was announced that thirty babies have died needlessly at the hands of their parents or carers since the Baby P tragedy. This week those responsible for the horrific torturing of the toddler have been named. Alarm bells continue to ring around the country about the safety of our children. Here in Hull, with the One Voice project members of the local rock/metal scene are working to highlight the issue of child cruelty and raise funds for NSPCC. Read more...

Articles - Writing about a Hull singer-songwriter using the music of Joe Solo By Tim Roux.
I have just had a fantastic experience - writing a novel,(Just like) El Cid's Bloomers' about a fictional Hull singer/songwriter around the songs of a real one, Joe Solo. And it could be a global first - the first musical novel to be designed specifically for an e-book format. It doesn't really matter whether it is or isn't, but it is always fun to be the first to do something. For Joe, there were some serious potential downsides to the project. Read more...

People - An Interview with Nick Quantrill, Local Crime Fiction Writer By Michelle Dee
Nick Quantrill works with numbers by day and with words by night. He won the Harper Collins Crime Tour Short Story Competition in 2006 with an entry called Punishment; his first ever short fiction piece. This success was rewarded by his work being published in the specialist magazine Crime Time distributed nationwide. He was also shortlisted for Making Waves (BBC Radio Humberside) Nick recently signed contracts with Caffeine Nights Publishing for his latest novel Broken Dreams, Read more...

Poetry - No Practical Skills Required By Mark Walmsley
Congratulations and well done, on the purchase of your new kit
The enclosed easy instructions, will show you how to fit
All the packaged items, contained and arranged as seen
Will give you years of good use, the best that's ever been
Take out the parts from box 'A', and place them on the floor
Place bags '1','2','3' and '4' with the hammer and a saw
Get yourself a screwdriver, a tape and resin Glue

Poetry - Lonely Boy By Dayne Coyne
Suspended in the world of twilit sentiments
That flickered dimly through his sad grey eyes
Resigned to stagnant future the boy viewed himself
As now constrained by fate to tread the aisles
That retreat into the past
Between the half-forgotten memories
Where sorrow's line is cast

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