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Reviews, Theatre Poems and Pints at The King's Arms, Salford, Friday 3rd February 2012 By Melanie Fullard
thisisUll.com, the alternative media website from Hull in England! This website is about people's lives and experiences - whoever they are - for us all to share. Every article, poem, story, review is contributed by you. Say what you feel, say it like it is. We do our best to publish everything you send to us. Please email your friends and send your stories to: contributions@thisisull.com.
thisisUll.com has provided a free, independent platform for anyone and everyone to use since August 2003. The site depends on its editorial and production team who continue to toil tirelessly and without pay to bring 'Ull to you. We run on a shoestring and rely solely on advertising revenue to fund the site.
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Latest Comments
Opinions - The End of The Boathouse By Elektro Diesel Photographs by Philip Rhodes
This morning I was informed that as of 1st March 2012, The Boathouse no longer exists as a venue for the Arts here in Hull. This effectively means that Hull has lost the only place left where Artists could be just that, a place where experimentation was actively encouraged, and where like-minded (or not) creatives would come together and celebrate contemporary arts in all its forms, but mostly, experimental sounds and music. Read more...

News - Eye Opening Exhibition at HERIB
A charity that helps the visually impaired is hosting an exhibition of equipment and services for the community to see the work it does. Hull and East Riding Institute for the Blind (HERIB) is opening its doors on Tuesday 20th March 2012 between 10am - 3pm to the general public. There will be a wide range of exhibitors, demonstrating equipment, Read more...

Poetry A Girls Best Friend By Pamela Scobie
The fatal flaw of Nora Dring
Was splashing all her dosh on bling.
She counted carats, never calories,
Selecting suitors for their salaries.
Hence she was squired about by Joe
(Apostate prostate, but loads of dough),
And when she couldn't stand him any longer,

Opinions - Plea For Bus Shelter By Mrs. Flanagan
Hull City Council, would you please, please consider erecting a bus shelter for the public, at the number 28 stop outside the funeral parlour at the Northpoint shopping centre in Bransholme? The weather here is absolutely treacherous and I dread taking a daily trip to get my shopping essentials. Read more...

Poetry - Bikers Homage 2010 By Jan McGeachie
In contrast to quiet serenity
Each time a funeral cortege
Passes from RAF Lyneham
This Mothers Day
Wootton Bassett
Heard engines roar and
Saw the largest ever band

News, Arts Cottingham Drama Festival - Call for Submissions
September 2012 will see the return of the Duck's Bill Drama Festivalin Cottingham. Last year's inaugural event at the Duke of Cumberland, Market Green featured eight performances and was a roaring success as virtually every show was a sell-out, with acts travelling from as far as London to take part. This year, we at Penny Duck Theatre Company aim to make it bigger and better. Read more...

Poetry - Blackest of Hearts By Laurenceaux.
With voodoo
I slew you;
yout life it withdrew.
I own you,
to intone and eschew
all that you do.
I trapped your mind
in a picture I drew

Places to Visit - Rudd On The Road Part 28: Full Moon Fever By Steve Rudd
'Four thousand baht! You must be joking!' I'd just been told how much it was set to cost me to rent a beachfront bungalow for the night on Had Rin Nok, the home of Thailand's infamous Full Moon Parties on the tropical island of Koh Phangan. I was frankly astonished. Four thousand baht roughly equated to eighty pounds: a blatant rip-off by anyone's standards, however desperate they might have been Read more...

Poetry Swings and Stones By Christy Hall
And if I could go back, if you'd take me I'd go,
back to the parks and fields of our youth.
I can still smell the sickly aroma of rubber-bits
heating up in the afternoon sun,
the recently cut grass, the cheap aftershave
and girlish scents, splashed to impress each other

Reviews, Theatre Poems and Pints at The King's Arms, Salford, Friday 3rd February 2012 By Melanie Fullard
Poems and Pints; the brainchild of Paul Heaton ( The Housemartins, Beautiful South ) and his partner, Zena Barrie is a new monthly poetry event held in The King's Arms, Salford, Manchester. Paul, who has recently become the new landlord was also in the line-up to perform. Myself and thisisull's Cilla Wykes accompanied two of Hull's leading poets, Mike Watts and Joe Hakim who had both been invited to the opening night. The King's Arms Read more...

Food and Drink - Last Word, 237 Newland Avenue, Hull By Siobhan Harmer
Quaint yet distinctive, Last Word café is the pinnacle of subtle pleasures. Situated close to Hull University, the café fuses two crucial aspects of student life; coffee and reading. Last Word is an independently owned 'espresso lounge and library' ideal for spending spare time between classes or even a little time to yourself. Indulge in a diverse range of Read more...

Poetry - Save Us By Simon Icke
Save the planet from pollution.
Does anyone have the solution?
Save your soul and find redemption,
Lord deliver us from temptation.
Save our world from the bomb,
Who else has the atom?

Poetry - nowitsover By David Osgerby

Poetry - The Bird That Sings Until The Sun Goes Down By Jim Higo
Unperturbed by traffic nearby, unmoved by lightening in the sky,
No tear filled eye, or fearful frown,
For the bird that sings until the sun goes down.
A soothing song as children wept, vivacious verse as salmon leapt,
No need for sceptre, or jewelled crown

Poetry - Tshirts, Trainers and Jeans By Dayne Coyne
It's the start of the holidays
We're looking great in our teens
All heading off to the disco place
T-shirts, trainers and jeans
Oh well, Oh well
Tonight's the night that I might discover
Just what all of it means

Poetry - If I By Mark Walmsley
If I where a fish
I could swim away
If I where a dog
By the fire I'd lay
If I where a ship
Into horizons I'd sail
If I where a letter

Poetry - Paranoia By Terry Ireland
Haydn Aidan and Monica Reith
Made a pact to share false teeth
It saved arguing whose was whose
They did the same with pants and shoes
One lived by night and one by day
They made the change in a passageway

PRESS RELEASE UPDATE - iPoetry Ver 1.1 for Android Application on Google Market On Sale Now. Introducing Text-to-Speech (TTS) Poetry in many languages
UPDATE - Introduced text-to-speech support so you can have poetry read to you in major European languages (English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish) Happy listening and translating! Made in Hull - thisisUll.com announces the release of it's latest development - iPoetry Ver 1.1 for Android.iPoetry is an anthology of spoken word poetry featuring talent from Hull, England and beyond. Read more...

Reviews, Arts - The Liberation of Barton - A Poetry Evening at The Ropewalk, Barton on Humber - Saturday 8th October 2011 By Melanie Fullard
The Ropewalk in Barton is a listed building which was once used in the manufacturing of rope. It now doubles as an art space and performance venue. It's really awkward to find, sandwiched between Tesco and a housing estate (especially in the dark!) but it's well worth the trouble. Tonight sees performances from the pick of Hull's finest poets and the debut of Barton's very own Lady Blah Blah (aka Ruth Dixon).

News, Arts Liberation - Three Dozen Writers Showcased from Scratch - At Fruit, Tuesday 11th October 2011
Scratch@Fruit #5, Tuesday 11th October. Tickets £3 on the door (or from Fruit website). A host of new writing will take centre stage again at the now-regular Scratch@Fruit event. The fifth event takes the total of writers who have had work included as part of the script-in-hand evenings to 36. Event curator, playwright Dave Windass, Read more...

Poetry - Nature and War By David Delaney
Soft morning sun shines through moist droplets clear
now radiating coloured prisms bright.
The almost silent brook is trickling near
as Autumn leaves float to the ground so light.
While pristine beauty now is all abound,
though some short years ago this was not so.
There were no flowers growing from the ground

Poetry - Still Life By Terry Ireland
Two women at a table
As though divided by a wall;
Although one of them is speaking
There's no communication at all.
She speaks of the thirty years
Of her late son's passed life;
The other thinks of just five years
As first his lover and then his wife.

News, Arts Liberation - An evening of Spoken Word at The Ropewalk, Barton-Upon-Humber Saturday 8th October
Introducing Barton Upon Humber's own Lady Blah Blah in an evening of Spoken Word also featuring Joe Hakim and Mike Watts with support from local poets PLUS Open Mic Ropewalk, Saturday 8th October, 8pm
Tickets £3 on 01652 660380 Liberation is North Lincolnshire's first theatre based local spoken word night, Read more...

News, Arts Hull Film Presents Glimmer 2011
Glimmer 2011 - Hullss 9th International Short Film Festival takes place from 6th - 9th October with screenings and related events in six different venues across the city. s Hull Film located in the Danish Buildings 44 - 46 High Street Hull, is dedicated to the exhibition and creation of short film as a crucial art form in its own right. Each year Hull Film presents Glimmer an International Short Film Festival Read more...

Music News - Ryan Adams New album 'Ashes & Fire' out 10th October .
As the 10th October release of his new Ashes & Fire (PAX-AM/Columbia) approaches, Ryan Adams has confirmed the dates of his first two UK shows since his sold-out tour in June: Thursday 27th October at London's Union Chapel and Friday 28th October at York Grand Opera House. Tickets for both are now on sale priced £32.50 for London and £25 for York and are available from Read more...

Poetry - My Microphone My Rules By Ruth Dixon
My Microphone, my rules
They be the fools
Who think otherwise
Who fixate their piercing eyes on me
Expect me to enunciate, antici ...
Pate exactly how they think it should be.

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