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Last Updated: 07/01/2007 20:59:04
Delta - The Life and Times of Jim Vallie and Sweet Rosalyn
By Michelle Dee

Naomi and Grainger, have known each other since they were seven years old and now they are both twenty five, are busy promoting their first album. They play their own take on the soul pop sound with heart and feeling.

Naomi's voice on opener Ten years in Harlem is powerful, soulful at times warm and invites the listener in. The song has strong lines with a standout guitar hook from Grainger and a roving bass line that shines out rich and deep; kind of jazzy.
Ten years in Harlem makes you want to move, shimmy and shake where as Boy from nowhere has more of a gentle somber quality but just as engaging.
Recently the pair traveled up north to play at the acclaimed (by moi anyhow) Sunday Sesh night on Princes Ave. Delta turned many a head and many were coming up to me afterwards and saying how amazing Naomi's voice was and commenting on Grainger's guitar playing.

The usual hubbub of the Sunday pub was hushed watching the mesmerizing performance on stage.
A couple of covers were dropped into the set including a reworking of My Generation; it's so smooth it! Have a listen to Naomi's vocal power and deft dynamics and witness for yourself, this startlingly good vocalist.
Before this illustrious night of high quality acoustic sounds, the Delta duo had a date with the Raw Talent radio show. They played another track from the new release called Silver and Gold and blew the listeners away with the highly listenable engaging minimalist sounds. Not only was the music entertaining but the interview with the duo highlighted the rapport the two have and the essential understanding of each other necessary for such an act to work.
The highlight on the album, for me anyway, is the sensuous Nothing's As It Seems. This song has a beautiful piano intro and all though is probably the gentlest track on the album is immensely powerful and lingers in your head for days after.
What is so refreshing in this time of bands and egos was the complete openness and warmth in Delta's attitude and approach. Naomi commented several times on what a unique and special thing Sunday Sesh was. She pointed out that in Brierley Hill and the Stourbridge area -where they reside- such a thing would be unheard of.

She expressed genuine enthusiasm and joy at being able to sing amidst such an array of talented yet very different musicians.
It would seem that we in Hull, all too often, take for granted what we have.
The opportunity for the artist and audience alike provided by the Sesh and other nights just doesn't happen in many other areas of the country; which is why we have to hold on to what we have. We should value these nights, savour and support them, so that more musicians can experience what we have.

Back to Delta. Along with the usual myspace site the band have a website on which you can view the video for Ten Years.
It features the public house in which they admit to spending a lot of time.
They rehearse in the upstairs room and a large portion of the video is filmed in this open space. The video is stylized and subtle, using aging sepia tones, is an effective way to convey the music, without being too flashy. Look out for Delta's return visit to Hull early 2007 where they will be showcasing more of their unique Delta sound.

Check for release date and more info.

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