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Music Reviews
Last Updated: 04/06/2006 16:20:16
Thursday 25th May 06 - The Beautiful South at The City Hall with support from Aberfeldy (1/3)
By Michelle Dee
Photographs by Matt Rudd
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Yesterday was a very special day. Around five o'clock on Thursday evening, I was listening to The Beautiful South sound check. The hall was a hive of activity with technicians climbing rope ladders to the gantries, erecting barriers at the front of the hall, and making ready for the first TBS gig at the city centre venue for over 16 years.
I listened to the band running through a couple of numbers from new album Superbi named after the Lecce number 22 in the Italian football league. My first impression of Paul Heaton was of a man that looked a good deal younger than his years. He was shorter than I had imagined too and dressed in a black jacket and cap. He had a certain quiet confidence about him and although his mind was filled with two hundred tour details he took the time to meet and greet the lucky few stood watching the band prepare.
Paul posed with a mother and daughter for that exclusive photo and did a few autographs including my very own copy of Superbi given to me as an early birthday present from a very good friend.
She then suggested Paul should sign my jacket which he did with a flourish. I have to admit to becoming quite star struck which I don't usually do when meeting well known musicians. But something happened inside me and as my tummy lurched, and legs became unsteady I found I was struggling to even spell my own name.

I'll put this strange reaction down to the difference between meeting a member of a band and meeting someone with genuine star qualities.
Ten minutes later I was sat on a number 15 bus travelling down Springbank thinking I've just met Paul Heaton.
So to the night itself; after what seemed like an age but was probably no more than an hour the support band Aberfeldy came on. Aberfeldy are quite well known down at the Adelphi having played there a number of times.

Paul is a fan of their acoustic sound and saw them play down De Grey Street a few months earlier, so they were a good choice of support band.

Aberfeldy opened with some quite gentle laid back melodies that had some of the packed out crowds swaying in time. They have something of a folk sound with violin sections and simple easy strumming and a gentle back beat, or so I thought. Delightful pizzicato from the violinist dressed in a striking black frock, followed the sound of the banjo complimenting the somewhat complicated drum patterns.
The drummer was dressed in a sharp suit and dark sunglasses; hair styled to a loose quiff that threatened to fall on to his forehead at any moment. He showed that you don't have to hit the kit with all your might to prove you're a capable drummer.

Halfway through the set the keyboards started playing more of a prominent role in the sound. The electro dare I say eighties flavour was more in evidence for Do Whatever Turns You On a track taken from their new album of the same name. They reached a peak on Hypnotised with the layered keys falling over each other creating a quite beautiful sound.
I could hear shades of Thomas Dolby in the synth sounds which strayed from time to time into Jean Michel Jarre territory.

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