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Last Updated: 25/02/2008 12:14:04
Space ...The Final Fashion Frontier. And Space Clothing Join Forces To Bring You a Special Online Offer Exclusive To Readers.

Space Clothing has been around for quite some time. Since 1993, in fact. And since then, it has been a staple part of the fashion scene here in Hull.

After relocating to 84 Newland Avenue late last year, Space Clothing offers funky, urban menswear by all the usual suspects such as King Apparel and LRG, but has always got on board with the smaller, more independent designers that only the truly fashion conscious are aware of.

But it's not just about fashion; it's about freedom of expression. People from all walks of life are indulging in art, music and writing, and Hull has always been a particularly luminous backdrop to all of this.
Space Clothing is proud to be part of the diverse spectrum of expression that exists here in Hull, and have asked us to help promote the launch of their new website...

Register free on the Space Clothing website and receive a £5 voucher to spend in their online shop. Simply CLICK HERE and enter the voucher code SCL08.
Space Clothing
84 Newland Avenue

Tel. (01482) 226721

Advertise - with serving over 1 million page views in March 2007.. offers an alternative way to advertise on line - with a readership to compete with other local media, we believe we can give you the coverage you need and the response you want! As a local website with our roots planted firmly in the local community, and with a mission to promote Hull Read more...

Fashion - Dressed up to the "K" nines By Jo Allison
It might not be over the top as L.A. or be home to the ludicrously lavish lifestyles of Paris Hilton, but Beverley can proudly boast that it's home to some wonderfully, well-dressed dogs. Just take a look inside the wonderfully doggy dressing up box, situated down Lairgate, Beverley. The Dog Shop is the fashionable dog owner's best-friend. When I stopped by, I Read more...

Fashion - My Day as a Model By Annie Wykes Photos By Mo
Right, well to start off, I'm not a model at all and was really nervous about doing this modelling for Bekki, a Second Year Fashion Journalism degree Student, who studies in Epsom but is actually from Hull. I've always wanted to be a model and today I had my chance to get some experience in a photo shoot and so I took it up. For around a week before the shoot I had to drink loads of water Read more...

Fashion - Out With the New, In With the Old
By Bekki Stephenson
The idea of wearing old clothing as new developed in the mid 1960s. The idea of mass production was wearing thin among the trendy youths and so they began to search for clothing that made them stand out from the crowd, scouring one-off boutiques, flea markets and thrift shops. As a reaction to this newly acquired vintage vogue the 1970s became the era of the Read more...

Fashion - An Interview With Cherona Blacksell, Fashion Designer By Bekki Stephenson
It is often a false preconception that coming from Hull makes things slightly more difficult, opportunity wise, to get into the fashion industry. This has always angered me. Granted, Hull is not the trendiest of fashion hotspots about, but as I hope ThisisUll's fashion pages are proving, there is certainly a lot more out there than meets the eye. So in an eager hope to promote Read more...

Fashion - Living With... Large Thighs By Jo Allison
As summer shines upon us, I breathe a sigh, and not one of relief; tights are officially over. For another season I must succumb the general public to my wobbling white flesh, nylon coverings are just far too warm. As a baby, I was evidently very well fed, as they say breast is best, and as a result, I grew alarmingly large as a child. Looking back at old primary school Read more...

Fashion - Boys Catch The Beauty Bug By Bekki Stephenson
Gone are the days when men got home from work, gave themselves a quick dousing with soap and water only to appear in the local five minutes later. Today, as the male population thrust themselves into the 21st century a seemingly more rigorous hygiene routine is in place. It is not just systematic personal hygiene that is top priority in the noughties Read more...

Fashion - Hulls Next Top Model? Well, Perhaps Not ...
By Jo Allison
As an aspiring fashion journalist I was wiggling around with excitement when my friend Lucy asked me to doing some modelling for a fashion designer friend of hers..I just wasn't entirely prepared for the whole model experience. Two o'clock on a Tuesday afternoon and I'm nervously waiting at Beverley bus station for my friend to arrive. Sunglasses on, little wheelie suitcase in hand. Read more...

Fashion - Punk; Thirty Years On By Bekki Stephenson
Thirty years ago, gig tickets cost 50p, a pint of beer 15p and 20 cigarettes 30p. There were only three television channels, all of which shut down at midnight and the greatest fashion accessories were 4-inch, break-your-neck platforms. Indeed, in 1976 the world of iPods, satellite navigation, X boxes, and video phones seemed almost impossible. Perhaps not half Read more...

Fashion - A Voyage of Vintage Discovery In Hull By Jo Allison
The world's fashion capitals have never to my knowledge once included the lovely English northern city of Hull, but perhaps this is about to change. Hull, not notorious for its fashion sense (unless you are a fan of extensive gold jewellery, tracksuits with the obligatory tucked in socks or small scraps of brightly coloured lycra masquerading as tops) has always had a underground Read more...

Fashion - A Bohemian Revolution By Jo Allison Photographs by Cilla, Fashion Show Gallery at Lattitude 27th February 2006 by Paul Broadbent
A little shop of heaven, just down Newland Ave. Jo had been traipsing around Hull for three hours and rummaged through just about every clothing rail in Hull. She had a big night out coming up that weekend and needed that elusive fashionista party dress. The only problem was she really couldn't find a thing. She dreamed of looking like a model, Read more...

Fashion - Plump Those 'Lovely Lady Lumps!' By Jo Allison
Just when you thought you were going to have to shell out thousands and go under the knife to get that bouncy JLo bottom... Hallelujah for the "Falke Foam Buttocks!" However, if padded briefs seem a bit too excessive; take a look at six of the gentler ways to get that "just had surgery look". No pain, no gain, or so the saying goes. For decades women have been living up to this Read more...

Fashion - If You Haven't Got it, Flaunt It By Jo Allison
David Bailey's most recent project, Democracy, takes a frank, naked view of the real human body. Just what we need in our aesthetically obsessed society. For too long now skinny has been beautiful, airbrushing a prerequisite. The fashion world is perhaps one of the worst culprits for warping our perception of the human body, but the latest offering from Read more...

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